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Why Undergo Bariatric Surgery in Mexico


Gastric SleeveIn Canada, experts estimate that more than a million Canadians are morbidly obese- most have high blood pressure, diabetes, bad joints and increased risk of heart disease. Obesity is not about laziness or lack of self-control. The reasons may vary from physical to psychological reasons.

Now, researchers have found that the bariatric surgery is a medical necessity for all these people, which was once considered a vanity surgery. The weight loss surgery is an effective way for all these people to reduce the risks.

Canada patients wait times for bariatric surgery range from 5 to 6 years due to insurance and shortage of surgeons. If any one does not want to wait have to self-pay and receive treatment in a private facility. This private facility is more expensive.

The less expensive, affordable and convenient one would be considering the surgery in Mexico. The surgeons are efficient and hospitals are safe in Mexico.

By undergoing the surgery in Mexico most of the Canadians are reducing their wait time and health risks.

Top cities for weight loss surgery Top Subregions for weight loss surgery
Edmonton (Canada) 100 Saskatchewan (Canada) 100
Ottawa (Canada) 93 Alberta (Canada) 76
Toronto (Canada) 88 Ontario (Canada) 75
Calgary (Canada) 85 British Columbia (Canada) 61
Vancouver (Canada) 64 Nova Scotia (Canada) 60
Montreal (Canada) 29 Manitoba (Canada) 56
  Quebec 22

Mexico Bariatric Surgery

Gastric SleeveTijuana Bariatric Surgery - Bordered to San Diego, CA, Tijuana offers advanced medical facilities, board certified surgeons. It presents high quality weight loss surgery at a fraction of the cost for the same treatment in the United States and Canada. Tijuana is the largest city on the Baja California Peninsula and fast becoming the Mecca of Medical Tourism and travellers get quality health care at affordable prices in dental care, plastic surgery and weight loss surgery.

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Gastric SleeveGuadalajara Bariatric Surgery - Guadalajara, Mexico is home to world-class medical schools producing top notch bariatric surgeons. Especially interesting, Universidad de Guadalajara, Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara (UAG) School of Medicine, and Tec de Monterey. Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara has a special program for foreigners with the vast majority of them being Americans. Guadalajara, the capital of the state of Jalisco, is the second largest city in Mexico and is one of the strongest cultural centers in Mexico. Many well-known Mexican symbols such as tequila and mariachi music have their roots in Guadalajara.

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Gastric SleevePuerto Vallarta Bariatric Surgery - Puerto Vallarta is a resort city situated on the Pacific Ocean. Located only hours away from Guadalajara, Puerto Vallarta offers quality care and is home to many state-of-the-art hospitals and skilled surgeons. Canadian patients enjoy not only the excellent quality of care, but enjoy a vacation too. The hotel is on the beach and facilites just a few blocks from the pristine beaches of Puerto Vallarta.

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