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Canada's Obesity Statistics


Canada's obesity issues have been growing steadliy, and in some respects mirror United States' rates. Currently, 61.1% of Canada's adults are either overweight or obese (compared with 66.6% of United States's adult population). The obesity rates are currently costing the economy roughly $4 Billion per year.

Currently Canada ranks as the 35th on the list of fattest countries (Forbes). And currently, researches are predicting disaster in the comming decades: that 70% of 40 year olds will be overweight or obese. This number is staggering and alarming.

Obesity from 1978 to 2004

Obesity has grown from 1978 with 49% of adults over 18 overweight or obese, growing to 2004 with 59% of adults over 18 overweight or obese.

Age of Obesity

In 2011, more men vs. women were obese and overweight. Statistics show that 40% of men and 27% of women were overweight; while 20% of men and 17% of women were obese.It's also noteworthy that women are twice as likely to be morbidly obese as men are.

In order to stop the growing obesity epidemic, many physicians are suggesting patients undergo bariatric surgery. Patients who have tried and failed to lose weight with traditional methods can undergo weight loss surgery. Today, gastric sleeve surgery otherwise known as sleeve gastrectomy is the top choice of bariatric surgeons in Canada, United States and Mexico. Learn what makes sleeve gastrectomy so appealing.


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